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Two rainbows over Sydney Harbour
Photo: Two rainbows over Sydney Harbour
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Sydney Harbour Bridge

Map of Sydney and Surrounds

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, completed for use in 1932 is a steel arch bridge designed to connect the city and the north side of the harbour. Designed by Dr John Bradfield, it became the tallest steel arch bridge in the world and the sixth longest.


Its opening was not without controversy. A Captain De Groot rode up on his horse and with his sword, cut the ribbon moments before the official declaring the bridge open ”in the name of the decent and respectable people of New South Wales.”

He was a member of a right wing organisation called the New Guard at the time. Apparently right wing organisations were popular during the 1930s, even Germany had one. However, we are not sure if the decent and respectable people of NSW agreed with his actions at the time.

He was arrested, being charged with being insane and without proper care. At the time of his trial, two psychiatrists who had consequently examined him declared him sane. So then they charged him instead of having maliciously damaged a ribbon, the property of the Government of NSW to the value of £2, as well as being offensive and threatening.

Paul Hogan

Last but not least, the harbour bridge is where Paul Hogan worked for a number of years before embarking on an entertainment career: Paul Hogan.


Climbing the top of the arch has been a popular activity since the 1950s, however, only recently made legal with the formation of BridgeClimb, a tourism company that enables people to enjoy the stupendous views of Sydney and the harbour that Paul Hogan and his workmates were able to enjoy. Who knows, maybe you can become an entertainer yourself.

The tour takes some three and half an hours, including the necessary preparations. If you take the tour, you can also view the sword that Captain De Groot used to unceremoniously cut the ribbon.


See the City Central Map showing Circular Quay, The Opera House and the pylon entrance to the Bridge:

Map of Sydney CBD

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Under the Bridge (North Sydney View)
Photo: Under the Bridge (North Sydney View)

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View from the Circular Quay RiverCat about to leave for the way to Parramatta
Photo: View from the Circular Quay RiverCat about to leave for the way to Parramatta

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