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Hobart Map - Tasmania

Click Area to Zoom. One of Australia’s top touring places to visit is Hobart. Australia’s second capital, it is also the smallest and the destination of the Sydney to Hobart annual Yacht Race.

The colony was originally established as a penal convict settlement for prisoners that had committed further infractions after arrival in the new Sydney penal settlement. Much of this early convict history can still be seen around the state.

Hobart City Places

Amongst the many city sights, Anglesea Barracks was built with convict labour, used since 1814 and is still used by the military today. There is a museum, open to the public housed in the old military gaol. No. 1 on the Map - see Hobart City Central Map.

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Battery Point itself was the name for the original defensive point of the gun battery that was placed there to protect the colony from foreign powers. At Arthur Circus, located within the Battery Point area, has the oldest surviving buildings in the city, creating a truly old world feel.

11 At the Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery, located at Sullivans Cove, you can see one the country’s historically significant sites with its many heritage buildings as well as visit the museum. Important collections.

Constitution Dock, also at Sullivans Cove and next to the Elizabeth St. Pier, is the finish line for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, held every year in December.

Shopping: Most places to shop are open in the mornings from 9 or 10 am till 5 pm.

Tasmanian Towns and Places

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Hobart Hotels

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