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Melbourne Map of Train Stations
Melbourne Map of Train Stations


Melbourne train station map Australia Tourist Guide

Melbourne Australia has an extensive transport system, with trains, buses and trams tranversing the city. Yet for a newcomer or visitors, it can be confusing to try and catch public transport.

Where do you buy your tickets and the transport that goes to the destination you want? You can purchase tickets at retail outlets, Post Offices and Train Stations as well as on buses for the day or you can buy advance fares at discounted rates. These are valid for trains, trams and buses.

See Metcard Fares for more information about fares.

See the Melbourne Tourist Map showing the locations of Attractions, Shopping and Places to Visit in Melbourne City - Melbourne City Map.

Melbourne Australia

Melbourne Australia has so much to offer in culture, the arts and entertainment. It is also the Food Capital of Australia - the restaurants here are diverse and imaginative while the food they serve is fresh and delicious!

You will find more authentic food from all over the world here in the many eateries and restaurants. Not only in the center of the city but in the suburbs. Culturally diverse as Australia is, Melbourne is even more so.

Others come here to experience Melbourne Culture and the Arts - there are dozens of excellent venues to experience music and the other performing arts.

More about Melbourne Australia.

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Victoria Australia Tourist Guide

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Places to Visit

Melbourne Hotels and Accommodation

Victoria accommodation includes hotels, motels, luxury resorts, caravan parks, camping, bed and breakfasts, backpackers and youth hostels.

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