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Canberra National Botanic Gardens, located on Black Mountain
Photo: Canberra National Botanic Gardens, located on Black Mountain

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Canberra National Botanic Gardens

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An amazing collection of Australian flora can be found here at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra, in fact, it is the largest in the country. The gardens are located on the slopes of Black Mountain, to the west of the Canberra city centre.

The many plants and trees here are used for plant classification and biology as well as used to protect threatened species from extinction. Managed by Parks Australia, they also manage the 5 Commonwealth National Parks and Australia’s network of Commonwealth marine reserves.

Their Living Collection

On site you will find the largest and most diverse collection of Australian native plants that can be found in one place in the world. With more than 40 hectares of plants containing more than 70,000 plants, numbering over 6,200 species arranged in themed sections.

Events and Festivals

Throughout the year there are events, exhibitions and festivals celebrating Australian flora. There are also guided tours as well as private ones available. Early in the morning, Australian Birds abound, if your quiet, you will see an amazing variety including colourful rainforest birds and Kookaburras.


Visitors are welcome to see this fine collection. Learn about the flowers of Australia and other flora, even see how and which ones can be used in your own backyard and gardens.

Aboriginal Plant Use Trail

One of the more interesting trails to be found in the park is the Aboriginal Plant Use Trail. Here, you can learn about the plants for food, medicine, tools and ceremonial purposes by the first people of Australia for many thousands of years.

The Aboriginal Plant Use Trail is located in the Monocot Garden (directional signs from main car park).

The Gardens offers visitors a range of self guided trails in which they can explore the diversity and significance of Australian plants. Other learning trails in the gardens include the Eucalypt Discovery Trial, the Who Lives Here trail for children and the In Flower This Week trail.

Plants on Sale

There are sales at the gardens, held on a regular basis. They include advanced Banksia, Hakea and Telopea plants propagated from cuttings and seeds found in the gardens, amongst others. Many of these are not commercially available from local nurseries.


Australian National Botanic Gardens
Clunies Ross Street
Action, Canberra

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Australian National Botanic Gardens

Tropical Glasshouse

The Tropical Glasshouse was closed, however, this is to prepare for the Ian Potter Foundation National Conservatory, which will open in 2018. The many plants and flowers that were on display here in the Tropical Glasshouse will be shown in the new conservatory, along with many more tropical Australian plants from northern Australia and some of Australia’s island territories.

The conservatory was donated by a kind gift from the Ian Potter Foundation along with a dollar for dollar match with the Australian Government. It is in fact the largest donation the gardens have received to date.

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