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Map showing Sydney Cove in the Early 1800s.
Photo: Map showing Sydney Cove in the Early 1800s.
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Sydney Cove Map - Early 1800s

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This map shows the beginnings of Sydney Australia as it was when still not much more than a village, a penal colony and the beginnings of the Colony of New South Wales. The windy streets shown here would soon be added to with wide boulevards and much more grand buildings.

Sydney Cove is the place where the the convicts and soldiers of the First Fleet in 1788 settled the birthplace of the country of Australia, this small cove has been an integral part of Sydney’s history ever since.

Bennelong Point: The Sydney Opera House

Bennelong Point is named after the Aboriginal that used to live there. It is now actually the site where the Sydney Opera House is located.

Dawes Point

On the other side of the cove, Dawes Point became the site where the Sydney Harbour Bridge would be built in the 1930s, during the Depression Years.

The Rocks

The Rocks, is where the convicts were first forced to camp. Eventually, most were moved out to the farming areas to work as labourers.

Now a restored historical district, you can see many of the building that survived such as Campbells (Wharves) Storehouses and the cobbled streets. Luckily the Stocks & Pilloriy are no longer there (On the lower far right of the map).

The Gaol and the Prison were moved to the other side of the town, as was the hospital, still only in planning stages when this map was created.

Circular Quay

Now a major terminus, the original circular part of the Quay was been filled and the Tank Stream, the original water supply for the First Fleet settlers has now been covered over. It is still there, however.

The hulk of the HMS Supply lies on its side in Sydney Cove on this map. This ship was the original supply ship for the First Fleet.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is now located just on the west side of Circular Quay, as is The Rocks.

The Cove Today

Circular Quay

Sydney Information Centre

Sydney Information Centre - Offering visitors not only information, they have a good collection of artefacts and other items on display from earlier Sydney.


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Main Photo: Map showing Sydney Cove in the Early 1800s.

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