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Emus are amongst the amazing fauna found here.
Photo: Emus are amongst the amazing fauna found here.
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Flinders Ranges Fauna

North East South Australia Map

Birdwatching is a favourite activity here as is spotting the diverse animal life. With over a hundred native bird species found here so far, you will likely not be disappointed.


Ancient Mountain Range

Numerous Fossils and cave paintings, rock art sites and other artefacts have also been discovered here, with human occupation dating back some forty-nine thousand years. The Flinders Ranges Natural Park is situated on the largest ancient mountain range in South Australia, home to much wildlife and diverse native flora.

There are long gorges with purple ridges that change colour during the different daylight hours. Tall eucalypt gum trees line creeks and waterfalls. If your quiet, you may be able to see Yellow-footed rock wallabies at Warrens Gorge, which had almost reached extinction. However, with stronger controls over dingoes and man-made activities, the species, along with others, have made a comeback.

Marsupials of the Flinders Ranges

  • Red Kangaroos
  • Western Grey Kangaroos
  • Euros
  • Dunnarts and
  • Planigales


Camping is permitted in certain areas and there are numerous walks and hiking trails of varying difficulty and you can take an indigenous cultural experience and learn about what life was like here for many thousands of years.

The park is located in the Flinders Ranges between Hawker and Blinman, two historical towns. Blinman, a mining town, began its life as a copper discovery, it was Robert Blinman, a sheep herder who found the metal here, part of a rock he used to favour sitting on when watching the sheep. I suppose the message here is be careful where you sit.

Flinders Ranges

Map of South Australia Flinders Ranges

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Hawker, another historical outback town, is located on the road to the south of the park. See more about the Flinders Ranges and the South Australia Outback Flinders Ranges SA.

Places to See

  • Bunyeroo Gorge’s - Ancient Seabed
  • Brachina Gorge
  • Mawson Trail
  • Heysen Trail
  • Wilpena Pound

Flinders Ranges, SA

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Main Photo: Emus are amongst the amazing fauna found here.

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