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Pelican at Kangaroo Island: Photo Greg Snell Tourism Australia.
Photo: Pelican at Kangaroo Island: Photo Greg Snell Tourism Australia.
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Native Animals of Kangaroo Island

South Australia National Parks

Australia’s third largest island, Kangaroo Island has managed to escape the ravages of feral animals such as the fox, rabbit, camels and others that have made their way to Australia since the early 1800s. Much of the island is also devoted to National Parks and reserves, making it a great place to observe native animals in their environment.

Kangaroo Island


A whole host of native animals can be found on the National Parks and Reserves of Kangaroo Island.

Flinders Chase National Park

Other reserves include:

  • Seal Bay Conservation Park
  • Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park
  • Cape Bouguer Wilderness Protection Area
  • Ravine des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area


Native birdlife abounds on the island, over 250 species have been spotted here throughout the year. At Penneshaw and Kingscote, a large colony of little penguins is one of the big attractions on the island, join one of the tours available at night to see them.

Seabirds also abound on Kangaroo Island, such as this Australian Pelican in the photo at Kingscote Jetty. Although considered to be average in size compared to those found in other parts of the world, its bill is the longest of any species of bird, including other pelicans.

They can be seen in many places in Australia where there are bodies of water; large freshwater lakes, water reservoirs, billabongs (spring fed waters) and rivers. On the coast and islands, near estuaries, swamps, temporarily flooded areas in arid zones and brackish lagoons.

It is amazing to see these birds dive underwater at great speed from the air to catch fish, at times, they will work together to drive fish to shallower waters.

About SA National Parks

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Nearby parks include Coffin Bay National Park, the Gawler Ranges National Park, the Nullarbor National Park and the Great Australian Bight Marine Park. More about the National Parks in SA:

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Parks in the Outback

Parks in the Outback of South Australia:

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Kangaroo Island SA

National Parks

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Australian World Heritage Sites

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Main Photo: Pelican at Kangaroo Island: Photo Greg Snell Tourism Australia.

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