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Verdant Green of the South Coast of NSW
Photo: Verdant Green of the South Coast of NSW

Great Australia Places to Visit

The Australian Landscape! From ancient deserts to snow capped mountains, from idyllic South Pacific islands to lakes brimming with fish, from vast national parks filled with wildlife to cities with culture, world class cuisine and great beaches.

Amongst these wonderful places to visit is a sampling of the many great ones:

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Kata Tjuta: Once referred to as the Olgas, Kata Tjuta in the Northern Territory to the south-west of Alice Springs. These large rock formations in the shape of domes are ancient, dating back to before the Australia continent separated from the other continents, 550 million years ago.

Uluru: Also known previously by another name, Ayers Rock. Uluru is instantly recognisable as Australia’s most important natural icon and attracts many visitors yearly. Also very important to the indigenous Australians since ancient times, it is sacred to them and we ask that you treat this wonderful place with respect.

This sandstone monolith rock reaches a height of 348 metres, rising out of the desert surrounds. You can view some of the ancient inscriptions left by the traditional owners of the land many years ago.

A World Heritage Area, the National Park of Uluru-Kata Tjuta has the distinction of not only being recognised for its natural values, it is also recognised in importance for its cultural value by UNESCO.

Kakadu National Park

Another world-renowned National Park is Kakadu, for its pristine beauty and its abundance of natural wildlife. Also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, there are tours and cruises available of the many waterways.

Lord Howe Island

This crescent shaped island is made up of remnants of volcanic activity and volcano calderas. Like so many South Pacific islands, it has its own unique collection of plants and fauna in a pristine setting that has earnt its place amongst the World Heritage Site Listed Areas.

Diving is renowned here, it also has some delicious surfing spots known to the locals and a few outside dedicated surfers lucky enough to have experienced them. The stunning views of the ocean, the verdant and darker greens of a lush tropical paradise is at Australia’s doorstop, yet experienced by so few.

Find out more about Lord Howe Island and the:

National Parks of New South Wales

South Coast of New South Wales

The stunning coastline from south of Sydney to Victoria is primarily regarded as the South Coast of NSW. A haven for fishers, divers and boaters, it is also renowned for its stunning and pristine National Parks. The beaches of the South Coast are special, too.

The landscape is dotted by the remnants of coastal volcanoes while islands can be seen across the waters. There are peaceful lakes and babbling brooks, only disturbed by rolling and productive farmlands. Excellent local produce make up a culinary cornucopia, just waiting for you to sample.

South West Western Australia

On the other side of the continent, South West Western Australia is great to visit any time of year, with wonderful beaches, rugged coastline, towering forests and whale watching delights.

South West Western Australia

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On the South coast of New South Wales
Photo: On the South coast of New South Wales


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