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Work in Australia - Jobs Employment Visas

With the current economic climate, there are still plenty of Australian jobs being advertised each week. Unemployment at present is still low and Australia continues to look for skilled workers.

Consequently, the Australian Government has made moves to make it easier for people to obtain work here.

It is possible to obtain work in everything from sales and marketing, to following the fruit picking season, to professional in the sciences and health.

What is Required - Work Visa

What is required: Working on a normal tourist visa is strictly forbidden. In order to collect wages you will need to have a tax file number, which you can apply by filling out the forms available from the Australian Tax Office, post offices and many news agents.

Working Holiday Visas

Holders of this visa can work in a job with each employer for up to six months. This is for applicants aged 18 to 30 from countries that have a reciprocal arrangement with Australia, such as Canada, Estonia, the UK, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, the Republic of Ireland, Finland, the Republic of Cyprus, Italy, France, Malta, Germany, Denmark, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, Norway, or the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Other countries are under consideration and may have already been added since the time of writing. There are numerous employment recruitment and immigration agencies located throughout Australia that can help.

Working Conditions in Australia

If eligible, your employer will pay you the same rates of pay and the same work conditions as Australians. The Working Holiday Visa enables those to work with a stay of up to 12 months.

The employer would be required to make tax payments and superannuation deductions, ensure that the work environment complies with Occupational Health and Safety laws and that the employee holds the relevant licences or registration for the job.

Skilled Visas

Workers with skills that are seen as essential to Australia are encouraged to apply for the Skilled Visa. There may be registration or licensing requirements, contact the relevant authorities in Australia for your trade or practice.

Business Visa

The Short Stay Business Visa allows business people to visit Australia for up to three months. Conducting negotations, attending conferences, or to find business opportunities are all eligible activities.

A Provisional Business Visa can be obtained for up to four years. If staying longer than 4 years, it could be possible to obtain a Business Skills Residence Visa. Business people would need to achieve the required level of business or maintain investment(s) here.

Business Migration Program

Business Owners, Senior Executives, Investors and Business Talent sponsored by either state or federal governments can apply under the Business Migration program.

This program is designed to allow business people the opportunity to trial their intended businesses, prior to making a decision to settle here permanently here or not.

Backpacker Jobs

Aside from the many jobs available in the thriving hospitality industry, there is also the fruit picking season trail, with surprisingly good job conditions and rates of pay.

Where to Look for Work

In the main cities there are opportunities to work. There are many job agencies that one can apply at, in Australia they are normally not allowed to charge the worker when they obtain a position for them.

The best days to check local newspapers is usually on Saturdays and Wednesdays. These can be good sources for casual positions in your area. Do check the positions vacant section as well.

This is true in Queensland, New South Wales, Canberra, Victoria, Melbourne, Tasmania, South and Western Australia, as well as the ACT and the Northern Territory.

There are Australian employment agencies to try as well. Located in the Australian capital cities and towns, they can quickly give you an idea of the work situation in their local region and job requirements.

Backpackers and Work

About Study in Australia

What is required to study and stay in Australia? Students may also be allowed to work here provided certain conditions are met. See about studying here Study in Australia.


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