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Attractions in the CBD - Click to Zoom Out ©
Attractions in the CBD - Click to Zoom Out ©

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Sydney CBD Attractions

Popular Attractions

Popular attractions in the Central Business District include the Museum of Sydney and the Justice and Police Museum. Other places to visit include the State Library of NSW, Parliament of NSW, the Royal Botanic Garden and the Mint.

Customs House

The Customs House is a heritage building with changing exhibitions as well as a large 3d map of the city of Sydney in the floor. The building itself is an attraction, with its atrium, helix stairway and exterior. There is also a free library, places to eat and relax, plus free wifi access.

Customs House

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Attractions On the Map

Justice and Police Museum

Come and explore the darker side of the city’s history. At the Justice & Police Museum there are amazing photos of crime and criminals from earlier days, showing you an insight into life and for some, death was like in this fast growing city. Even the crime scene photos show you interesting views of the furniture and places that people lived in.

Justice & Police Museum


Housed in the Old Sydney (Rum) Hospital, there are historical buildings, collections of numismatic interest and well as other artefacts, as well as books, charts, photos and furniture from the historical Caroline Simpson Library.


Museum of Sydney

The Museum of Sydney has truly interesting displays of historical artefacts, that you can examine up close in well lit glass drawers. There are ongoing exhibitions of the history of Sydney.

Museum of Sydney

NSW Parliament House

Complete with a collection of historical artworks, as well as books and archives, you can learn how democracy works in New South Wales.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Established soon after the arrival of Governor Macquarie, there are not only great views but lots of important Australian and exotic plants and trees throughout the park. Try not to miss the Fernery and the Tropical Centre. The Royal Botanic Garden is a great place for a picnic, lunch at the restaurant or just a wander.

Royal Botanic Garden

Martin Place

Martin Place has certain significance for Sydney. Not only is the historical General Post Office here but the important ANZAC memorial, on the 25th of April:

Martin Place

City Center Attractions

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