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Darling Harbour Entertainment District

City center south - Click to Zoom Out ©
City center south - Click to Zoom Out ©

Sydney Center South Map
Map of South Sydney Center

Darling Harbour to Sydney South

South West City Center

In the southern part of Darling Harbour is the IMAX Theatre (now being renovated), the Convention Centre, the Exhibition Centre and the Entertainment Centre. The Powerhouse Museum is also there, just to the west.

Darling Harbour Attraction details can be found on the Darling Harbour Attractions page.

There is a light railway system that runs from Central Station to Darling Harbour and to inner west suburbs beyond:

Light Rail

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Powerhouse Museum

Sydney’s largest and most popular museum. The Powerhouse Museum is dedicated to the culture and history of Australia. There are ongoing and changing exhibits of all kinds, including interactive. Excellent for kids and the whole family.

Powerhouse Museum


In Chinatown, mainly centered around Dixon Street you can find a whole host of excellent Asian restaurants and shops. Located between Central Station and Darling Harbour:

Chinatown Sydney Australia

Also nearby is the Spanish Quarter and Haymarket.

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Melbourne Chinatown

Darling Harbour

Regarded as the Sydney’s premier entertainment district, there is plenty to do here for families as well as those looking for a good night out:

Darling Harbour

Chinese Garden of Friendship

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a city respite, cultured to the ancient traditions of Chinese gardens.


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