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Map of Kings Cross
Map of Sydney CBD East

Sydney City Map - Click to Zoom Out ©
Sydney City Map - Click to Zoom Out ©

Map Sydney City

Map showing locations of places of interest, attractions and museums. From the Sydney Opera House, Kings Cross to Darling Harbour and the City center. More about Sydney Inner City Sydney CBD City.

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Kings Cross and Darlinghurst

Kings Cross and Darlinghurst has numerous restaurants to try, while the Cross shows its alternative side at night. Known as the red light district of Sydney, at night the place booms with entertainment, nightclubs and pubs. More about Kings Cross Sydney - Restaurants, Entertainment and Nightlife.

  • Darlinghurst
  • East Sydney
  • Elizabeth Bay
  • Kings Cross
  • Kings Cross Train Station
  • Fitzroy Gardens
  • Rushcutters Bay Park
  • Woolloomooloo

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Sydney Hotels

Main Photo: Sydney City Map - Click to Zoom Out ©

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