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Coffs Harbour Map - North West

Map of Coffs Harbour North - Click to Zoom Out
Map of Coffs Harbour North - Click to Zoom Out

Coffs Harbour Map - North East
Coffs Harbour Map - CBD

North Coffs Harbour Map

Those travelling north to Queensland from Sydney or vice-versa have often enjoyed a stay for a while at Coffs Harbour, a pleasant Australia east coast stop-off with stunning beaches. In fact the town caters well to visitors, with a good variety of luxury resorts and other places to stay.


You can find the excellent weather here. The New South Wales Coast is a relaxing place to enjoy, with beaches, hinterlands and proximity to Queensland. Places to go include National Parks, each with their own attractions and wildlife.

Discover the beauty of the NSW North Coast. Within a short distance of Coffs, there are heathlands, rainforests, estuaries, lakes and parklands.

A place to go is Coffs Coast Regional Park. Here, exploring, swimming, diving and fishing are all on offer. Located north of Coffs, the beaches here are backed by rolling dunes for over 26km.

Visit Coffs Harbour and the Surrounds

Here you can find numerous things to do and interesting places to visit. Along the coast, there are stunning beaches and inland, rainforests to explore.

There is a marine national park here and islands to visit as well as other National Parks.

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Coffs Places to Visit

  • Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery
  • Bunker Cartoon Gallery
  • Coffs Harbour Regional Museum
  • Muttonbird Island
  • Coffs Harbour Jetty


Main Photo: Map of Coffs Harbour North - Click to Zoom Out

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