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Map of Darwin Inner City North West - Click to Zoom Out
Map of Darwin Inner City North West - Click to Zoom Out

Darwin Central Map NE
South West Darwin City Map


Darwin Inner City Map

City of Darwin North West

Darwin as the gateway from Asia to Australia has an international atmosphere with immigrants from over 50 countries having settled here. The city is adorned with plenty of tropical greenery and nearby, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploring.


At Aquascene, you can feed the fish that come to visit here at feeding times, an entertaining educational experience for the kids. Although an entry fee applies, they supply you with plenty of food. The fish appreciate it and come up very close, some of them being very large.

The USAAF Memorial is dedicated for the many American Air Force personell that served here during the war and those that died during WWII, protecting the city from the many Japanese air attacks that occurred here.

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Fannie Bay Darwin

Just north of here along the coastline is Fannie Bay. The annual Beer Can Regatta is held here and there is the old Fannie Bay that you can visit. Her Majesty’s Gaol and Labour Prison was used from 1883 to 1979, during WWII, all the prisoners were pardoned when the army took control of the facility. There was a gallows constructed here in 1952, yet not soon after, Australia began to ban the death penalty, state by state from 1956.

Darwin International Airport

Not far from here is Darwin International Airport, just off the Stuart Highway.

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Main Photo: Map of Darwin Inner City North West - Click to Zoom Out

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