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Darling Harbour Entertainment District

Port Melbourne and South Wharf - Click to Zoom Out ©
Port Melbourne and South Wharf - Click to Zoom Out ©

Sydney Center South Map

Places in Melbourne Map

You can find places to visit in the Melbourne city center, trams within the main city cbd limits are free. Click the map to Zoom Out or you can use the arrows for adjacent tourism precincts.

Places of Interest

Station Pier

Station Pier In Port Melbourne, the Station Pier played an important role in the city’s growth and development as it was the disembarkation point for many of its new immigrants, those seeking a better life and those seeking gold. Today it is where international cruise liners stop for their visit to Melbourne and for the ferries that come and go to Tasmania. Heading south east from here are the many beachside suburbs of Melbourne: Greater Melbourne Map.

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Webb Bridge

Webb Bridge This pedestrian bridge was designed by Robert Owen, using a design inspired by woven Aboriginal fishing baskets. It crossed the Yarra River and connects the Docklands in the north to the shopping, restaurants and attractions at the South Wharf Tourism Precinct: Webb Bridge Docklands.

Fox Classic Car Collection

Fox Classic Car Collection: Classic cars that span many years, including Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar, Ferrari, Ford and Volkswagon. There are others that have all contributed to Australia’s motoring history. See them at: Fox Classic Car Collection. Located at 749-755 Collins Street - Phone: 9620 4086 for more information.

Mission to Seafarers

Mission to Seafarers Victoria This heritage listed building, designed in the Arts and Crafts style was completed in 1919. It has been providing land based accommodation for many years:Mission to Seafarers Victoria.


South Wharf Shopping

South Wharf Shopping With more than 180 stores, you can find fashion, accessories, jewellery and just about everything else here: Melbourne Shopping.

Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne The suburb of Port Melbourne was from the very beginning of the city a busy place where ships carrying all kinds of goods and people from all over the world arrived, while ships carrying wool, beef, coal and even gold departed to ports everywhere:.


Docklands More about the Melbourne suburb of the Docklands: Docklands.

Polly Woodside

Polly Woodside: Just further west, the Polly Woodside, also located at the South Wharf, is a fully restored tall ship first launched in 1885. There are interesting tours, even one where you can be a deckhand, or for the kids, a pirate, both have lots of hands-on ship related activities: Polly Woodside.


Trams that take you to Port Melbourne and back to the city, Number 109: Melbourne Australia Trams.

Victoria Museums and Attractions

Museums: Museums in Victoria and Attractions: Attractions in Victoria.

Other Places to Visit

Further afield, Melbourne places to visit include:

Main Photo: Port Melbourne and South Wharf - Click to Zoom Out ©

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