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Darling Harbour Entertainment Precinct
Photo: Darling Harbour Entertainment Precinct

Sydney Australia Must See Places

Visit the Sydney Australia places you dont want to miss and check out the must see events that happen through the year.

Must See Places in Sydney Australia

Sydney Harbour

Exploring Sydney Harbour can be done by ferry or cruise boat. There is a host of choices here, but undeniably the harbour is one of the most beautiful in the world. You can see both sides of it for one, while its not built up on the foreshores except at the city centre and Darling Harbour.

Experience the Sydney Opera House as can only be experienced from the water, or venture as far as Parramatta in Sydney’s west. Ferries can be caught to Manly, Darling Harbour and Parramatta, or along the many foreshore suburb docks marked especially for the purpose.

Harbour cruise boats, especially designed for the purpose, is another great way to see the many points of the harbour while enjoying meals, drinks and even music/dance.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Cruises - 5 Tips

Exploring Sydney Harbour Sydney Harbour

Darling Harbour

There is a lot more to Darling Harbour than just the Star Casino. Here you will find excellent restaurants with great views, entertainment for the kids, the National Maritime Museum, the Sydney Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory, Sydney Aquarium, Wild Life Sydney Zoo and Madame Tussauds.

You will also find great shopping! Not only that, just a short walk away is the centre of the city and Chinatown.

Darling Harbour Attractions, Restaurants, Shopping and Map

Sydney CBD Map

DH Darling Harbour


Located at the far west of Sydney Harbour, Parramatta was founded in effort to provide food for the early colonists. The land near the city proved infertile and too sandy, luckily fertile lands were found here, with the convenient harbour waters to provide transport.

Parramatta Australia

Parramatta Map

Parramatta NSW Parramatta


At Manly, located to the north of Sydney Harbour, has a number of interesting coastal walks, not only along the beachfront and further north, but also along the harbour foreshore. Enjoy great views of not only of the beaches stretching northwards on the coast, but also views from North Head or a harbourside beach.

Manly and the Northern Beaches

Manly Beach Map

Manly Beach Manly View


Experiencing Sydney Australia: Free Things to Do

Sydney Things to See

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Greater Sydney Map

Southern Beaches Map


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Sydney Harbour Cruise Boats, Ferries and Bridge
Photo: Sydney Harbour Cruise Boats, Ferries and Bridge


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