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Brisbane Must See Places: Moreton Bay
Photo: Brisbane Must See Places: Moreton Bay

Must See Places in Brisbane Australia

Greater Brisbane Map Queensland

The capital of Queensland, there a number of must see places in Brisbane Australia that exist just outside of the city limits, but are worthy of a day or more of visits.

Moreton Bay, on the east edge of the city, was first explored by John Oxley in search of a secure place to put the more rowdy prisoners that had been sent to Sydney from England. When free settlers began to arrive in 1837, they were not allowed to settle near the established penal settlement that had been set up on the Brisbane River.

Settlement was decentralised because of this, nonetheless, the increasing numbers of settlers to the region eventually began to form a town after the convict fleets stopped arriving in Australia. A city formed not much later on both sides of the river, named Brisbane, after the Governor of NSW that had commissioned John Oxley to explore the region.

Must See Places

D’Aguilar National Park

Part of the D’Aguilar National Park offers sweeping vistas of natural grandeur when you drive through its mountains. Occupying more than two hundred and fifty square kilometres, it protects the flora and fauna of this beautiful region.

The south end of the park (South D’Aguilar National Park) is only some fifteen minutes drive from Brisbane, while the other half of the park (Mount Mee) is located on the north side of the city centre, ninety minutes drive away. There are camping facilities, including chances for remote camping. Numerous trails and picnic sites are also easily accessible for day visitor enjoyment.

Ancient rainforests cover the mountains and valleys, crystal clear streams feed rock pools while wildlife and birdlife abounds. In fact, you may be able to spot truly rare and endangered species in their natural environs if your quiet.

The views afforded on the many trails and even along the drive from Brisbane through the park are truly spectacular. The surrounding countryside and the mountains will leave one with memorable views, as do the lush and deep rainforests.

D’Aguilar National Park

D’Aguilar National Park National Park

Moreton Bay Marine Park

This park was established to protect the fish breeding grounds and other natural habitats as far back in 1922. Angle fishing is allowed in most of the park, however, and continues to attract fishers of all ages.

Moreton Island, occupying central place in the park is a nature lovers paradise. Surfing, beach fishing, bird watching, even exploring by 4WD are main activities here. Other islands here also attract visitors, there is a resort on Tangalooma Island.

Must See Islands Moreton Bay

Brisbane River

This all important river provided water to the early settlers, and the city developed on both sides. There are numerous cruises available, which gives you a relaxing way to view the city:

Brisbane River

Map of Brisbane Australia

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