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The south end of Warriewood Beach, Sydney NSW
Photo: The south end of Warriewood Beach, Sydney NSW

Warriewood Beach NSW

Map of the Sydney Northern Beaches

Warriewood Beach in NSW is located on the Sydney Northern Beaches, with Mona Vale Beach to the north and Narrabeen Beach to its south. With its reddish sand, it is an enjoyable beach and on weekends it is patrolled by the club Surf Life Savers.

Generally, there are good swimming conditions, as well as for body surfing when the waves are medium high. There is also good surfing at the north end of the beach, especially when the north easterly winds are blowing.

There is also a café at the surf club, great for a morning coffee or a lunch with idyllic views.

Warriewood Walk Track

Accessible from the south end of the beach next to the Surf Life Saving Club, you can enjoy views from the Warriewood Lookout out to the beach and further north. Further along the walk, you can access Warriewood Park and the Narrabeen Park Lookout, overlooking the Blow Hole.

Heading south, further along, you will find the Turimetta Head Lookout which gives views of the smaller beach at Turimetta. This beach is not patrolled by lifesavers, however, divers and snorkellers use here to get access to the Narrabeen Head Aquatic Reserve.

If you head northward along Warriewood Beach, at low tide you have access to the Beach at Mona Vale.

Public Facilities

Limited parking is available along the beach at Warriewood and along Narrabeen Park Parade. There are also change facilities, showers and public toilets.

At the park, there is a newly created kids playground. Great for families, there are also green spaces and sheltered picnic tables. Facilities here include BBQs, picnic tables and water bubblers.

Beach Safety

Complete with a Surf Life Saving Club, this is a great place to enjoy a hot summer day. The Warriewood SLSC is located near the southern end of the beach.

You can find out more about the beach conditions and when it is patrolled from the Surf Life Saving Club located here:

Bilgola Surf Life Saving Club

At times, there are rips (strong currents) that run along the beach, so it is important for swimmers to follow instructions from the life savers and swim between the flags. If the beach has unusually dangerous swimming conditions, they will close the beach.

Rips are formed when the waves pushes water against the beach. This water will go back out in the most direct route with the least resistance thus forming a strong current that tends to take anything or anyone in its waters with it.

Places Great for Surfing

It also has places great for surfing like most of the Sydney Northern Beaches. The waves form over the main sandbar that is located under the water near the beach.

Nearby Beaches

Other Northern Sydney beaches nearby include Avalon Beach on the north and Newport to the south.

Newport Restaurants


Located not far from the beach on the other side of the peninsula is the Pittwater. A water playland, great for boating, windsurfing and fishing.

Protection from the Sun

Covering Up - Sydney has bright sunny days so wear sun-protective clothing, especially between 10am to 3pm. Find a good SPF30+ sunscreen that is water resistant. Use shade and wear a hat, it all helps to stay looking young, healthy and beautiful as you do.

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Beach Swimming Safety
Photo: Beach Swimming Safety

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Morning View of Warriewood Beach
Photo: Morning View of Warriewood Beach


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