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Just after Sunset: The Three Sisters, Formed from Ancient Sandstone.
Photo: Just after Sunset: The Three Sisters, Formed from Ancient Sandstone.
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Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

Above the Megalong Valley are the Three Sisters, a natural formation left by the erosion of the softer layers of shale and coal beneath, making the sandstone above collapse into the valley below.

In the valley below and the ridges above, there are scenic walks that allow you to take in the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains. There are tours available of this region just west of Sydney, both from the city and in the towns, such as Katoomba.

You can get closeup views of the 3 Sisters from various lookouts along the Cliff Drive in Katoomba and at the Scenic World tourist attraction. There is a cable car ride that offers panoramic views of the mountains and valleys below - it has 360 degree glass windows and a glass bottom.

Scenic World

The tourist attraction also claims the steepest incline railway ride in the world. The railway was originally built to haul coal from the bottom of the cliff. It now takes passengers on a very sharp downhill ride, called the Sceniscender. At the bottom, there are walks to explore the valley.

Other rides include Skyway, a scenic cable car ride above the valley and the Orphan Rocker, a roller coaster ride.


History and nature tours are available in the Blue Mountains, as well as Indigenous with experienced Aboriginal guides. Take an Eco Tour or a wilderness tour - There are various ones available in the spectacular Blue Mountains just west of Sydney: see kangaroos and colourful birdlife in their habitat.

For a more detailed study of the geology of the Blue Mountains:

The Blue Mountains, NSW


Blue Mountains hotels: there are places to stay at villages and towns along the way on the Great Western Highway. Blue Mountains accommodation includes quaint Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels, Caravan Parks, Motels and Luxurious Resorts.

Main Photo: Just after Sunset: The Three Sisters, Formed from Ancient Sandstone.

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