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South West Rocks and Surrounds

Map showing South West Rocks and Surrounds: North Coast Map.

Diving, fishing and stunning national parks attract visitors to South West Rocks the year round. The beaches, with the temperate climate of the region can also be enjoyed in all four seasons and there are quite a few of them, including those in Arakoon National Park and Hat Head NP.

Those keen on diving would want to visit the underwater Fish Rock Cave, some two kilometres offshore. Extending under a small island, there is an astounding variety of marine life to be seen here.

Historical Heritage Tour

At Arakoon National Park, you can visit Trial Bay Gaol, situated by the beach. You can tour the remaining ruins, built to house prisoners that were there to build a harbour. It also housed people of German descent during WWI.


Arakoon National Park

Arakoon National Park has a host of activities to enjoy. There are walks that explore the park, offering excellent views of the beaches, headlands and hinterlands. There is even one that will take you all the way to Hat Head National Park, further south.

Camping is available.

New England National Park

Inland, the New England National Park protects pristine rainforests of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. They are remnants of the vast forests that covered the super-continent of Gondwana, dating back to the time of the dinosaurs.

You can enjoy fantastic views of the surrounds at Point lookout, all the way to the ocean. There are picnic areas in different scenic parts to enjoy.

Werrikimbe National Park

Also inland, at Werrikimbe National Park you can find rivers with clear waters and waterfalls, high escarpments and deep forests of eucalypt trees. Protecting the bounteous birdlife that can be seen here as well as other native animals, it also protects the diverse native plantlife.

Co-managed by the descendents of the Dungutti people, there are Aboriginal sites that show the occupation of this land for many thousands of years. The park also protects the remnants of the Gondwana Rainforests.

Hat Head National Park

At the Hat Head National Park you can enjoy swimming or go fishing on the beaches. With sand dunes and coastal rainforests, there is much to see and do here. Camping is available, imagine watching the sunrise in complete natural surroundings and ocean views.

South West Rocks Visitor Information Centre

Located in one of the original Boatmans cottages (No. 1), on Ocean Avenue, you can get more information on the things to do, markets, festivals and events on this part of the NSW coast:
Phone: +061 2 6566 7099.

Map of the North East of NSW.


There are hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, caravan parks, backpackers, holiday parks, cabins and farmstays available for accommodation, or go camping at one of the National Parks and stay under the stars.

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