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Hay and Surrounds, Riverina

See map of New South Wales South West NSW.

The town of Hay in NSW is centrally located on the Sturt, Mid-Western and Cobb Highways and is the commercial centre for this prosperous part of the fertile Riverina region.

With five museums, festivals and events, wineries to visit and country living, you will find plenty to do and see.

Places to Visit

Heritage Walk

One way to enjoy the towns of the Riverina is to take their Heritage Walk, which usually gives you a unique view of their history. Hay is no different, the Heritage Walk will take you past one of the Cobb & Co. coaches (Moppett St.) who played an important part in the settlement of the west of NSW. Buildings along the walk include churches, the Post Office (1881) the Westpac Bank (1877) the courthouse (1892) and the old lock-up.

Bishop’s Lodge Heritage Rose Garden

Those who love roses will want to visit here, particularly during Oct to May, when they bloom. Spring is best, there are also manicured lawns, native trees and more.

You can also tour the house itself, managed by volunteers. On the 3rd Sunday of October, there is a market. More about the house and garden: Bishop’s Lodge.

Cnr. of Roset St and Sturt Highway, South Hay. Phone: +061 2 6993 1727.

Hay Railway Station

The railway station, completed in 1882 has now been restored to its former glory. While here you can also visit the POW & Internment Camp Interpretive Centre, Dunera Museum, when captured prisoners from Japan, Germany and Italy were interred in Hay.

Dunera Museum: Railway Station, 421 Murray Street, Hay.

Hay Gaol Museum

Hay Gaol, originally built as a prison for the region, underwent many changes and became a maternity hospital, a hospital for the insane, POW centre, an institute for girls and now, a museum. There are not only artefacts and displays for the gaol’s history, but from the surrounding region as well.


Shear Outback: The Australian Shearers’ Hall of Fame

The Shear Outback, for all ages, is enjoyable and informative experience for those seeking an Outback experience without all the travel. They hold daily regular and special annual events here, have a museum, working dogs, sheep needing shearing and chances to try your hand at it yourself.

Located at the Cnr. of Sturt and Cobb Highways in Hay. Phone +061 2 6993 4000 for more information.

The Riverina Wine Region

The Riverina Wine Region is not only known for its production of the grape Botrytis Semillon, it is also the largest wine grape production region in the state of New South Wales with over 300,000 tonnes of grapes annually. Certainly, worldwide, the most famous of the producers here is McWilliams but it is not the only one by any means.

The McWilliams family began here with their Hanwood vineyard in 1912. They have produced consistent premium wines over the many years, including vintage years that were and still are, very collectable.

De Bortoli is another of the famous wine producers of the region. In fact, they pioneered Botrytis Semillon. Casella Wines is also widely known and also from here.

that you can visit and sample some of the wonderful wines that are produced in this region. With 16 wineries here, most with cellar doors, so you can be sure to sample some very interesting and tasty wines. More about the fabulous wines produced here: Riverina Winemakers Association.

NSW Regions

NSW Central Regions

Hay Visitor Information Centre

The Hay Visitor Information Centre, located at 407 Moppett St. has a range of facilities for visitors and caravanners. Needless to say it has much information about the region, events and the town itself. Phone +061 2 6993 4045 for more info.


There are a total of three caravan parks, with all the facilities needed for a great holiday as well as a number of motorhome reservations. It also has hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and cabins available for visitors.

Canberra ACT

Directly south east is the city of Canberra ACT, with national museums, monuments and art galleries: Canberra ACT.

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