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Black Swans and Ducklings.
Photo: Black Swans and Ducklings.
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Birdlife NSW South Coast

Birdlife has slowly been on the mend in Australia since habitat quality in many places may no longer be in the decline. With ongoing conservation measures there is a change of improvement in key areas as is happening on the South Coast of NSW.

The wetlands of the South Coast, much of it protected by National Parks is home both native birdlife and the migratory birds that arrive seasonally from East Asia and as far as Siberia. Native birds that can be spotted here include Kookaburras, Eastern Whipbirds, Australian Magpies and the Lyrebird.

Bird Calls

The distinctive calls of these birds and others make bushwalking on the South Coast an auditory experience. The Kookaburra is known for its laugh, whipbirds for their whip sound effect when they call to each other, magpies for their warble and lyrebirds for their expert ability to mimic other bird calls.

The many different types of Parrots, Lorrikeets and Rosellas found on the South Coast are real eye candy with their colourful plumage. They also have distinctive calls, Rainbow Lorrikeets and White Cockatoos in particular.

Australia Native Wildlife

Other Australian native animals that can be seen here include kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and possums, just to name a few. Along with the plentiful birdlife and animals, the whale watching cruises and the dolphin, seal and penguin spotting cruises available on the South Coast make a stay here a truly memorable experience.

South Coast Places to Stay

All along the South Coast and in the hinterlands, you can find places to stay - luxury resorts to scenic campsites, historical townships and sleep fishing villages. Accommodation available includes a wide range of styles to suit almost any budget.

Main Photo: Black Swans and Ducklings.

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