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Magpies in flight - Bega Valley NSW.
Photo: Magpies in flight - Bega Valley NSW.
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Magpies Bega Valley NSW

Magpies - during their relatively short breeding season, the males become very territorial and will try to swoop, peck and generally chase away any perceived predator. Needless to say, they are usually quite good at it, since they spend a lot of time and energy swooping and pecking to protect their territory from other magpies.

Being fairly robust, they can frighten the day lights out of any passerby hapless to have become a target. Ice cream containers with large eyes painted on them in the back, worn as a hat, is a generally agreed form of protection though not guaranteed.

Eden Visitors Information Centre

Enquire at the Eden Visitors Information Centre for tourist information on the many national parks, activities, walking tracks, camping and picnic areas, lakes, unique flora and fauna and sites of Aboriginal cultural significance throughout the South Coast of NSW. Cnr Mitchell and Imlay Streets, Eden Phone +061 6496 1953.

Sapphire Coast National Parks

National Parks on the Sapphire Coast, the Gippsland in Victoria and the Snowy Mountains provide ample opportunities for fun filled adventure discovery. Rugged coastline interspersed with long idyllic beaches. Cool wet rainforests. Wild rivers and peaceful lakes.

Accommodation on the South Coast include beachside resorts, hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, caravan parks, serviced apartments, homesteads and other holiday lettings - just some of the many types of accommodation available here.

Main Photo: Magpies in flight - Bega Valley NSW.

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