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From the South Coast of NSW to Canberra: The Monaro Plains with some of its many formative Volcanic Cones (58 to 43 million years ago)
Photo: From the South Coast of NSW to Canberra: The Monaro Plains with some of its many formative Volcanic Cones (58 to 43 million years ago)
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Monaro Plains

Touring Australia: Travelling along the Snowy Highway from the South Coast of New South Wales to Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory, takes you through the Monaro Plains in the tablelands of the Snowy Mountains Region. Although many of us drive through here as fast as the law allows, the unfettered views of the land have a certain allure, while the sunsets here can be quite stunning.

This seemingly desolate land, also known as the ’Treeless Plain’ has little rainfall, poor soil and cold nights. Formed over millions of years with numerous volcanic flows, this region has been swept clean of boulders and rocks during the Ice Ages of the last 50,000 years, with the land covered by massive glaciers.

Touring South East Australia

Travelling east towards the NSW coast along the Snowy Highway brings you the fertile lands of Bega Valley and the beautiful Sapphire Coast. There is a steep drive in between the plains and the coast with dramatic views as you travel down the Eastern Escarpment.

Capital Country and Canberra

Travelling further north from Cooma will get you to Capital Country and Canberra via Bredbro. Canberra has numerous places to visit, national monuments, museums and art galleries. This clean, modern city is practically surrounded by National Parks, also well worth visiting.

The Monaro Plains are part of the tablelands of the Snowy Mountains alpine region, that stretches from Capital Country and Canberra ACT in the North to the Victoria High Country in the South West.


At Bredbro, on the Monaro Highway you can visit the Bredbro Hotel, in operation since 1837 as a coach house and now as a hotel. This place has been used as a stop off for many years by the many visitors and workers that have passed through here on the way to the Snowy Mountains and Melbourne, including Andrew ‘Banjo’ Patterson.

Snowy Mountains

Travelling west takes you to the Snowy Mountains, seen in the photo in the distance, via the historical picturesque towns of Nimmitabel and Cooma.

In the centre of the Snowy Mountains is Mt Kosciuzko National Park. The park protects Mt Kosciuzko, the tallest mountain in Australia, the surrounds and the rare protected animal species that live here, as well as unique flora.

Map of the Snowy Mountains

See the map - Snowy Mountains Map.

Travelling South

South will get you to Victoria. Along the coast, there is the gorgeous Gippsland, with its 90 mile beach, stunning waterways and National Parks on this southeast corner of Australia.

Monaro Plains Tourist Information

Enquire at the Cooma Visitors Information Centre about the many national parks, activities, things to do, camp sites and picnic areas, lakes, unique flora and fauna in the Snowy Mountains, the Monaro Plains and on the South Coast. 119 Sharp Street, Cooma. Phone +61 2 6450 1742.

Snowy Mountains National Parks

National Parks on the Sapphire Coast and the Snowy Mountains provide ample opportunities for fun filled adventure discovery. Majestic mountain ranges with grand views. Rugged coastline interspersed with long idyllic beaches. Cool wet rainforests. Wild rivers. Peaceful lakes. Wildflower meadows.

Accommodation in the Snowy Mountains include resorts set in stunning locations, hotels, bed & breakfasts, caravan parks, serviced apartments, homesteads and holiday homes - just some of the many types of accommodation available here.

Main Photo: From the South Coast of NSW to Canberra: The Monaro Plains with some of its many formative Volcanic Cones (58 to 43 million years ago)

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