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Twofold Bay - Photographer S. Oost
Photo: Twofold Bay - Photographer S. Oost
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Eden NSW

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Once home to whalers and a place of rest for sea-farers, Eden on the South Coast of NSW is now a great place for vacationers and holiday seekers wanting to relax. Here you can enjoy nature at its finest and to swim, surf, fish and explore the stunning beaches and national parks.

Twofold Bay

The most stunning feature of Eden in its surrounds is Twofold Bay. Whalers used to ply their trade here, however, they are long gone and once again, its beautiful environs are to be enjoyed.

Killer Whale Museum

Dedicated to the pod of Killer Whales, also known as Orcas, that used to help hunt Baleen Whales by herding them into the bay. However, there is a lot more to see and explore at the Killer Whale Museum, including the history of the local area:

Killer Whale Museum at Eden, NSW

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

Things to Do

Fishing is a big attraction to this area, whether its on the beach, rocks or on a charter hire. The fishing here is good as the locals will tell you.

Golf is another attraction here, the golf courses here are set in stunning locations with views of the coast, lakes, mountains and natural wild regions of this beautiful part of New South Wales.

Exploring the National Parks

Nearby National Parks of the South Coast include beautiful Murramarang NP, Bimberamala NP, Budawant NP and the pristine Monga NP. There are tours available with National Parks guides on a number of spectacular coastal parks.

Murramarang NP has surfing spots, great swimming and long idyllic walks. There are also camping spots, and places to fish.

Murramarang National Park

Bournda occupies more than2,655 hectares:

Bournda National Park

You can also take a tour with a or take a cruise around Montague Island, a protected reserve for seals and penguins.

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Main Photo: Twofold Bay - Photographer S. Oost

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Eden Lighthouse at the Museum
Photo: Eden Lighthouse at the Museum

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At the Eden Killer Whale Museum
Photo: At the Eden Killer Whale Museum

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