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Termite mounds - Exploring central Australia.
Photo: Termite mounds - Exploring central Australia.
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Australia Self Driving Adventures

Whether you want to fish, explore mountain ranges, or just lie on a beautiful secluded beach, driving yourself while exploring Australia can be a truly enriching and memorable experience.

With the diverse landscapes of this largely unpopulated continent, you will never run out of places to visit and explore in a lifetime. Driving from the deep jungles of north Australia to the vast wilderness areas of Tasmania, or from the popular beaches of Sydney to the secluded beaches of Broome in Western Australia, are but a few of the possibilities.

Sydney to Melbourne

One of the easier yet scenic drives is exploring from Sydney to Melbourne, with a stop off in Canberra and the alpine regions, or vice versa, from Melbourne to Sydney.

If you love wild and secluded beaches with breathtaking coastal scenery, driving the coastal route from Sydney to Melbourne, or from Melbourne to Adelaide on the Great Ocean Road provide stunning views with plenty of cosy places to stay in small fishing villages, or the beachfront or small country towns along the way.

Other Australian favourites include travelling along the coast from Sydney to Queensland, whether to go to the Gold Coast or much further, to Cairns and the far north. Or to the interior to see Uluru.


Tasmania, in Australia’s south also has many places to explore, much of the island state has been designated parks and reserves including World Heritage Sites. Along the way, sample the wines and foods and partake in an experience of true Aboriginal culture in their setting.

Australia Maps

Maps of Australia showing routes, also maps of all the states Maps of Australia.

Accommodation in Australia

You can find a huge variety of stays in Australia, from farm experiences and bed and breakfasts to beachside homes or self catering apartments. There are also plenty of backpackers, motels and hotels.

Main Photo: Termite mounds - Exploring central Australia.

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