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Getting up close with Kangaroos.
Photo: Getting up close with Kangaroos.
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Kangaroos Australia

Kangaroos are the most well known of all the Australian Marsupials, although wombats, koalas and echidnas are not far behind. They can be found in rain forests, plains, coastal areas, deserts and high mountain regions of Australia.

The largest of the kangaroos are red kangaroos, weighing up to 95 kilos. This species, with males growing up to 1.8 metres and females up to 1.1 metres tall. can leap more than 9 metres in a single bound.

Kangaroos were even larger thousands of years ago, now extinct, mega fauna that lived in Australia along with giant wombats and wallabies.

The male can leap approximately 9.4 m in one leap. He grows up to 1.8 m tall and weighs up to 85 kg(187 lb). Females grow up to 1.1 m tall and weigh up to 35 kg(77 lb). Tails on both males and females can be up to 1 m long.

Wallabies nowadays, although often mistaken for kangaroos, are smaller than most species of kangaroo.

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There are a number of places to visit near, in and around Sydney as well as throughout Australia where you can go to see:

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Main Photo: Getting up close with Kangaroos.

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