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Mitchell Library has Interesting Historical Collections and Displays
Photo: Mitchell Library has Interesting Historical Collections and Displays Attractions in Sydney

Museums in Sydney Australia

Sydney has a range of excellent Museums, not only in the city center but also in the surrounding suburbs and further afield. Depending on your tastes, you will find one or more that not only entertain but help you and your kids learn about this wonderful city and Australia.

City Center

In the city center of Sydney Australia and surrounds, you will find a number of world-class museums about the history, the people and what life was like during the early years as well as now. You can even find out about what life was like long before the European settler arrived.

Compared to other cities, Sydney is a young city that is growing rapidly. It has a cosmopolitan diversity that is rarely matched anywhere else in the world despite its early colonial and convict beginnings.

Mitchell Library

Avid historical fans would want to visit the Mitchell Library. Not only do they have major literary collections of historical information, they also have regularly changing displays of important artefacts.

Mitchell Library

The Australian Museum

One of the great natural history museums of the world is the Australian Museum. Covering such wide and diverse topics as the natural sciences, the flora and the native animals of this great island continent as well as its peoples, you will find much to discover.

There is also lots of exhibits, displays and information about the cultures of the indigenous peoples of Australia and places like the Torres Straits, Asia and the Pacific.

With millions of plant and animals species as well as other objects, including ancient massive dinosaurs you could easily devote a day or longer to this museum, located just on the other side of Hyde Park from the city. See location on the:

City Attractions Map

The Museum of Sydney

Located on the site of the first Government House, this museum explores the history of Sydney, its people and events that proved significant over the years. The city’s famous people are featured here, as well as the many stories of the all the different peoples who lived here in the last 200 years.

With lots of artefacts, many encased in well lit drawers that allow you to examine them up close, it gives a unique view of what life was like in early Sydney, while other exhibits cover other times, such as the War and Depression years. Lots of photos, paintings as well as interactive multimedia displays make for a memorable visit.

Just up the hill from Circular Quay on Bridge Street in the city center, see the location on the:

Darling Harbour

Not far, Darling Harbour is just a scenic fifteen minute walk, monorail or light rail ride from the city. Here you can not only find two of best museums of Australia, but the city’s premier entertainment centre.

The National Maritime Museum

At the National Maritime Museum, you can view a large collection of boats and ships, and learn about the close association Australians have had with the sea. Australia existed long before the arrival of humans, even those who arrived more than 40,000 years ago. They all crossed the waters at some point, one way or another.

You can view artefacts, interactive exhibitions, a whole range of activities and even the chance to board the ships and boats.

At the edge of the water at Darling Harbour, see the location on the:

Map of Darling Harbour

The Powerhouse Museum

Located at 500 Harris Street in Pyrmont, just further west from Darling Harbour, you can visit the Powerhouse Museum. Built in an old electrical power generation plant, there are interactive displays (great for the kids) offbeat inventions, trams, machines and a whole lot more.

You can find out more details on the:

Darling Harbour Museums

Sydney Surrounds Best Museums

See the Museums found in the Sydney Surrounds:

Museums in NSW


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