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Exploring the Flinders Ranges National Park
Photo: Exploring the Flinders Ranges National Park
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The Australian Flinders Ranges

North East South Australia Map

The Flinders Ranges extend for more than 400 kilometres, from the Clare Valley into the far north of South Australia in the Outback.

During the warmer months, the ranges can be very dry with little rainfall, but the winter months usually bring rain with the dry region bursting with wildflowers, birds and animals. You can see many of species of wildlife here, there are in excess of 100 native bird species in the region alone.

National Parks in the Region

Matthew Flinders

The mountain ranges were named after Matthew Flinders, who was the first to chart Australia with his historic circumnavigation of the continent. Explored by a party of five from his crew in 1802, they were the first Europeans to climb Mount Brown.


Trim was Matthew Flinders cat, who accompanied him on his historical voyage. Trim is certainly one of Australia’s most famous felines.

“He made the tour of the globe, and a voyage to Australia,
which he circumnavigated, and was ever the delight and pleasure of his fellow voyagers”

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Flora and Fauna

Australian Birds: Emus. In the Flinders Ranges of South Australia there are long gorges with purple ridges, Eucalypt gum tree lined creeks and waterfalls, home to much wildlife and diverse native flora.

Flinders Ranges

Hotels in South Australia

Main Photo: Exploring the Flinders Ranges National Park

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