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Pelicans on the Beach
Photo: Pelicans on the Beach
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Monkey Mia Western Australia

Monkey Mia is where the Western Australia coast meets with the desert Outback. The scenery is unique with rolling red sand dunes and dense acacia scrublands to stunning beaches, many without a single footprint.

Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia, located in the Shark Bay Marine Park, has dolphins that visit the beach. The feeding began originally in the 1960s. A fisherman would feed the dolphins as they followed the fishing boat to the shore.

There is a strictly controlled opportunity to see them up close and feed these mammals, the 8 o’clock in the morning, with up to two more later in the day till 1pm.

On the way to Monkey Mia, try and stop off at the Shell Beach. Some 60 kms long, 10 metres deep of cockle shells line the seashore. At Hamelin Pool, there are stromalites, ancient lifeforms that have survived eons, right to the beginning of life itself on earth.

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Cruises and Tours

There are a variety of cruises and tours available in and around Monkey Mia. Wildlife cruises and sunset cruises are a favourite, as are the fishing charters and cruises. Fishing is of course, strictly controlled, they can take you to special places where you can.

Other favourite tours take in the Indigenous perspective of this region. Explore Aboriginal knowledge of the animals, plants, the land and life. You can even take a kayak tour of the waterways of Monkey Mia.

You can get more tourist information about Monkey Mia and its many natural wonders from the Carnarvon Tourist Bureau located in Robinson Street, Carnarvon. Phone +061 8 9941 1146.

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Main Photo: Pelicans on the Beach

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