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Lady Elliot Island, Queensland Great Barrier Reef. Credit: Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort
Photo: Lady Elliot Island, Queensland Great Barrier Reef. Credit: Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort
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Lady Elliot Island, Queensland

Map of Queensland showing Lady Elliot Island (Near Gladstone) and the location other Australia Great Barrier Reef islands: Queensland Map.

The island is on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia and is an important conservation area for marine life, including turtles, manta rays and seabirds. Near the breeding grounds of Humpback Whales at Hervey Bay, it is a great place to not only see whales, but with its crystal clear waters has excellent diving and snorkelling for visitors of the surrounding reefs.

The white sand beaches, the beautiful surrounding coral reefs and its multitudes of colourful fish and other marine life will make it a truly life long memorable stay for those wishing to visit.

Eco Resort

There is a resort on the island that provides a genuine eco-tourism experience, great for families, couples and singles wishing to experience nature at its best. You can learn about how to experience and enjoy this environment without harming it or its native animals that live and breed here.

As part of the learning experiences provided by the Eco Resort, you can learn about sustainable management of the Great Barrier Reef and the environment, as well as the planet’s natural resources. You can even expand your knowledge of renewable technologies that are beginning to play an important role in our ever crowded world.

The accommodation available at the resort is straightforward but comfortable, with fans instead of air conditioning, no telephones, television or radios to disturb the peaceful surrounding of this picturesque and natural place. The whole resort is designed to be eco-friendly with plenty of activities and other things to do.

Diving and Snorkelling

Undeniably, diving and snorkelling are two of the most enjoyable activities here. The Blue Lagoon is great for easy snorkelling, there is more than enough here to keep you entertained. For the more experienced, the western side of the island has Mantas, Whales (in their season) Reef Sharks and Dolphins.

There are both diving and snorkelling lessons available, as well as all the equipment you need at the Dive Shop. You can also participate in the two daily scheduled dives if you wish, taking you to some very interesting spots.

Flora and Fauna

The island is an important breeding ground for Green Turtles and Loggerhead Turtles and has been for millenia if not much longer. Graceful Manta Rays cruise the waters and millions of multi-coloured tropical fish dart in and out of the reefs.

The birdlife here is abundant and the most diverse of any of the Great Barrier Reef islands.

With no fishing allowed, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful eco-marine experience during your stay here.

Map of the Region

Map showing the Gladstone Region, showing location of places to visit and islands in the South of the Australia Great Barrier Reef: Gladstone and Surrounds Map, Queensland.

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Main Photo: Lady Elliot Island, Queensland Great Barrier Reef. Credit: Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

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