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Fraser Island - Photo Tourism Queensland
Photo: Fraser Island - Photo Tourism Queensland

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Fraser Coast Queensland - Australia Tourist Guide

Fraser Coast Map QLD

The Fraser Coast, some 3 hours drive from Brisbane, offers sailing, canoeing, fishing, panoramic views, birdwatching and nature walks amongst other things, including whale watching.

Located off the coast, Hervey Bay Marine Park enjoys the reputation of being one of the best places in Australia to watch whales.

Hervey Bay

In winter (June - August) Humpback whales migrate every year northward from their Antartic feeding regions to their warmer breeding grounds. During their breeding season in Hervey Bay there can be a number of whale pods in the bay at one time.

Rolling, cruising, swimming and breaching, when they break the surface water with their back make for spectacular viewing. Whale Watching Cruises are available from Urangan, allowing you to observe up close, encounters with these gentle giants are life long memories.


Maryborough is the commercial centre of the the region, the heritage buildings here reflect the importance of the role it played in Australian history. Located on the Mary River, it served as the only port other than Sydney where immigrants could enter Australia.

Established in 1847, it has retained its sense of history in not only the government and commercial interest buildings, but many of the older residences as well. It makes for a pretty town, set amongst the surrounds of the Fraser Coast.

Fraser Island

The largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is some 123kms in length and up to 25kms in width. The landscape, covered by rainforests is punctuated by hills and valleys. You can camp on the island, the only vehicle access is for 4WD. Permits are needed for both camping and 4wd.

Fraser Island formed over 800,000 years of sand being pushed onshore by the elements. There are fresh water lakes, held in place by sand dunes and forests surrounded by crystal white beaches.

There are trees over one thousand years old, numerous Aboriginal heritage sites, crystal clear streams, wildflowers, native animals and bounteous birdlife amongst the peaceful rainforests. There are excellent walks to explore, the Great Walk passes some of the larger lakes.

Access to the island is by ferry, embarking from Urangan, River Heads and Inskip Point. Camping permits can be acquired from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service at the Great Sandy Information Centre Phone: +061 7 5449 7792.

Great Sandy Strait

Marine life abounds here, as does the birdlife and native animals. Dolphins, dugong and turtles can be spotted on cruises available. The Great Sandy Strait is a declared wetland, to protect migrating birds breeding grounds, they visit from afar as Japan and Russia.

The seafood is great here, in the fishing villages sample mud crabs and fish, particularly bream, whiting, flathead and tailor.

Places to stay include self-contained units, caravan parks, houseboats and camping facilities.

Things to Do

Amongst exploring this wonderful part of the Queensland Coast, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. Golf is popular here, as is adventure activities including skydiving, horseriding and go karts.

You can take a jet ski to Fraser Island or take an aerial tour of the region. Watersports, including fishing is another attraction, hire a boat or yacht to cruise yourself.

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Fraser Island Sand Dunes
Photo: Fraser Island Sand Dunes

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