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Diamantina NP, Channel Country, Outback Queensland - Photographer: Maxime Coquard Tourism Australia
Photo: Diamantina NP, Channel Country, Outback Queensland - Photographer: Maxime Coquard Tourism Australia
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Diamantina National Park, Outback Queensland

In the Queensland Outback, the park is a place to visit for those seeking an experience in the arid areas of the country. Native wildlife and rare birdlife abound.

This part of Australia in the Channel Country of west Queensland, covers more than 500,000 hectares. The terrain consists of ancient sandstone ranges, flood plains, grass plains as well as desert dunes.

The wetlands of Lake Constance and Hunters Gorge are attractions for the many types of birds that live here as well as large flocks of migrating birds.

Channel Country

Rivers only flow till they disperse into many smaller channels through this vast region, which extends into South Australia. Covering some 150,000 square kilometres, this arid region has been named Channel Country because of the many rivulets that cross these ancient flood plains.

The three main rivers, Georgina River, Cooper Creek and the Diamantina River and numerous smaller ones only flow when there is enough water before evaporating or draining into the dry soils. The last significant rains were in 2010, with the outflow ending up in Lake Eyre in South Australia.

The two most important towns in Channel Country are Birdsville and Windorah. Smaller settlements include Bedourie to the north and Betoota to the east. See the South West Queensland Map below.

South West Queensland Map

Map showing the location of Lamington and others in the south east of Queensland and north east NSW: South West Queensland Map - Outback Australia.

Native Animals and Flora

Red and grey kangaroos populate the park, but there are many more types of mammals living here. Rock wallabies and bridled nailtail wallabies were successfully reintroduced into the park in the 1990s, bilbies, dunnarts and kowaris can also be spotted, as can dingoes. As well as local birds, flocks migrate through here during the rainy season, including egrets, herons, ibis, pelicans and spoonbills.

Permits for Camping

There are campsites at Hunters Gorge (4WD and camper trailers) on the Diamantina River and at the Gum Hole camping area (4WD only) alongside Whistling Duck Creek. You can also obtain camping permits from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Phone 13 74 68 or visit Queensland Camping for more information.

You must be self-sufficient and prepared for emergencies. Phone 000 in emergency, there may be no park rangers where you are. However, mobile phone coverage is not good in all areas of the park. UHF, satellite phone and/or an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) are necessary. Bring plenty of drinking water as well as food, plenty of fuel and emergency repair kits in case of breakdown.

There is also accommodation available in the towns of the area. Best time to visit is April to September, when the temperatures are more reasonable, while summer can bring heavy rains and temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius.

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Main Photo: Diamantina NP, Channel Country, Outback Queensland - Photographer: Maxime Coquard Tourism Australia

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