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Eungella NP in Queensland - Photographer: Maxime Coquard Tourism Australia
Photo: Eungella NP in Queensland - Photographer: Maxime Coquard Tourism Australia
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Eungella National Park, Australia

Situated in the North of Queensland, Eungella National Park is a scenic and captivating region that protects rare native animals and diverse sub-tropical flora.

Located not far to the west of (approx. just over 1 hour drive) of Mackay, the park has dense sub-tropical rainforest and is famous for its many platypuses and other native animals. Created in 1941, the region was originally inhabited by the people of the Birri Gubba language group, giving it the name Eungella ’Land of the Clouds’. Their descendants still live and work here.

In the lower parts of the Clarke Range, the park is ecologically diverse and well above the surrounding plains. There is plenty of scenery and forests to explore.

Map showing the location of Eungella NP in Queensland: Map of the Whitsunday Coast.

Exploring the Park: Walks

Excellent walks are available of varying difficulty and lengths. Spanning from a 300 metre wheelchair accessible walk to the 17 km long circuit walk of the mountains and rainforests, as well as the 57 km long walk, called the Mackay Highlands Great Walk, they take you past scenic mountains, deep sub-tropical rainforest, valleys and waterways.

Places to Visit

Finch Hatton Gorge: There a number of short walks to explore the gorge, there are streams, cascades and waterfalls. Do be careful of fast moving waters and do not jump or dive into the waters, rocks can also be very slippery.

Pine Grove: Suitable for families, a serene walk through the rain forest with occasional views of the valley below.

Sky Window: This place offers wonderful views of Pioneer Valley.

Just outside the small town of Eungella, there is a great place to view platypus in their native environment on the Broken River at the Platypus Platform. Located on the Crediton Loop Road, just south of the town.

Eungella National Park Information Centre

Nearby the Platypus Platform is the Eungella Information Centre. Here you can get maps, drinks and other refreshments as well as the latest info on conditions in the park.

Camping Permits

Camping is allowed at Fern Flat, however the town of Eungella has a variety of accommodation available, including camping.

Other campsites are located at Crediton Hall, The Diggings, Denham Range, Moonlight Dam and Mia Mia State Forest. Camping permits can be acquired from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Phone 13 74 68 or visit Queensland Camping for more information.

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Main Photo: Eungella NP in Queensland - Photographer: Maxime Coquard Tourism Australia

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