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Flinders Chase National Park, Beaches and Coastal Vistas at Snake Lagoon. Photographer: Greg Snell Tourism Australia
Photo: Flinders Chase National Park, Beaches and Coastal Vistas at Snake Lagoon. Photographer: Greg Snell Tourism Australia
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South Australia’s Flinders Chase National Park

Map showing the National Parks in South Australia including Flinders Chase on Kangaroo Island: South Australia National Parks.

Covering the western coast of Kangaroo Island, Flinders Chase National Park attracts visitors for its natural scenery, the strange looking formations of rocks and the diversity of native animals.

The beautiful sandy beaches and stunning bays are backed by rugged cliffs, forests and large spectacular sand dunes.

Seals, echidnas, little penguins, goannas, platypus, seabirds and other Australian native wildlife are protected in the park, including rare and endangered species.

Hiking Trails

There are plenty of walks on the hiking trails of varying lengths that allow you to take in the splendid coastal and island scenery, as well as the abounding wildlife. If you wish to explore the more remote parts of the park or wish to camp you will need to register, which you can do at the natural resources Visitors Centre located on Kangaroo Island at Kingscote, 37 Dauncey St., Phone +618 8553 4444.

S.A. National Parks Information

Flinders Chase also has its own visitor centre at Rocky River, beside the natural resources centre at Kingscote.

At the centre they have maps, park passes as well as all the information you need to enjoy the park. There is an information line available, phone +618 8204 1910 or contact them online at Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Places to Visit

In the park, attractions include Cape du Couedic where there is a colony of fur seals, as well as the natural formation of Admirals Arch and an old lighthouse. Accommodation is actually available at the lightkeeper’s cottage, as well as the one at Cape Borda for an old world experience.

There are plenty of beautiful bays and beaches to visit, some protected, others great for surfing, accessible via the many walks available in the park.

Fine Art Kangaroo Island is an art gallery and working studio, located just down the street from the Kangaroo Island Visitor Centre. You can see and buy island and indigenous inspired works of art, including paintings, sculptures and jewellery. There are workshops available for aspiring artists and those wishing to extend their creative skills. Located at 91 Dauncey St, Phone +618 8553 0448 for more information.


There is camping available here. Camp sites are available at Harveys Return, Rocky River, Snake Lagoon, or West Bay. You will also need a permit, call +618 8553 4444 for more information.

How to Get There

You can get to Kangaroo Island via ferry from from Cape Jervis on the mainland to Penneshaw.

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Main Photo: Flinders Chase National Park, Beaches and Coastal Vistas at Snake Lagoon. Photographer: Greg Snell Tourism Australia

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