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Scenic Renmark and the River
Photo: Scenic Renmark and the River

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Visit Renmark

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On the Border

South Australia produces much of Australia’s grape wines, stone fruit and almonds and the Riverland plays an important role in that.

Renmark, the town that straddles the Murray River on the Sturt Highway was settled early by the European colonialists, in fact it is the oldest in the region. This place has a peaceful ambient, yet it is colourful and scenic.

Charles Sturt, the early explorer, was the first to reach this area, via the Murray River. Travelling west along the river from the Great Australian Dividing Range. The town’s land was originally an excise from the much greater Chamber Brothers estate that existed in the region.

Renmark begun in 1887 quickly growing in size and importance, being located at a convenient crossing of the river. Although much of the land around the settlement was red desert sand, a large scale irrigation project started by the Chaffey Brothers quickly converted it into fertile fruit growing region.

Visit Renmark

Today, Renmark has all the modern conveniences for a great stay. There is a thriving shopping centre, a range of places to eat and dine, as well as a variety of accommodation for weary travellers. Being the first South Australia stopoff on the Sturt Highway on the way from Sydney to Adelaide (or vice-versa) Renmark will always retain its popularity.


Since the 1850s paddlesteamers and barges plied the river, making it a busy highway for the inlanders. It continued till the first half of the twentieth century.

One way to explore the surrounds is to take a cruise on South Australia’s only restored paddle steamer. Named the “PS Industry”, it takes passengers for cruises on the first Sunday of the month and long weekends. You can visit the steamer at other times for inspection. Charters are available. Phone +08 8586 6704 for more information.

The Murray River

This economically important river flows from its beginnings at the Kosciusko National Park in the Snowy Mountains part of the Great Australian Divide. It travels its waters for more than 2,756 kilometres to the ocean at Murray Mouth, Goolwa.

It is navigable, the third longest river in the world to do so, only the Amazon and the Nile are longer. It travels from the west of New South Wales, along the border of north Victoria and into South Australia.

Places to Stay

Accommodation here can include a stay on a houseboat. There are of course a range of choices in hotels and motels as well.

You can also stay at the Renmark Resort and Golf.

Places to Stay

Hundreds of Houseboats are available for hire along the Murray River in the various towns along the way. On a riverboat, you can enjoy going somewhere or just doing nothing. There are hotels, motels, caravan parks and holiday cottages, some very comfortable, to stay at.

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On the Paringa Bridge across the Murray River
Photo: On the Paringa Bridge across the Murray River

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Renmark Shopping
Photo: Renmark Shopping


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