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Sydney Harbour Boating - Photo: Tony Yeates
Photo: Sydney Harbour Boating - Photo: Tony Yeates
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Australia Sailing

Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, Australia is a sailing nation. With thousands of miles of coastline and waterways it is a loved sport, as important to those who have seawater running in their veins as always.

Remote Bays, vast stretches of unspoilt coastline, pristine and uninhabited islands, coral reefs, great fishing and accessible harbours to service your boat and needs makes Australia a wonderful destination for those who love sailing. You can charter a cruise boat with crew, or you can hire a boat if you don’t want to sail here, although that would be an memorable adventure in itself.

To hire a boat, of course, you will need to be able to certify you have the necessary qualifications, experience and skills. Known as bareboating, they can provide guides available to help you familiarise with the local conditions and boat/yacht.

Besides mono/hull yachts, there are also catamarans and powered cruise boats that you can hire. Places to hire include Sydney Harbour, the Whitsunday Islands and many of the other harbours dotting the coastline.

Great Barrier Reef

Certainly one of the most iconic places around Australia to sail is the Great Barrier Reef. With its beautiful islands, stunning beaches and reefs filled with multi-coloured fish it is still rated as one of the best destinations in the world for those seeking a great sailing holiday.

However, Australia has a long coastline, almost all communities near the sea have clubs and sailing organisations, offering events, chances to sail and chances to learn. Many have professional supply and gear shops for both fishermen and yachters.

The Whitsunday Islands, at the north end of the Great Barrier Reef, are a wonderful place to start exploring. Other places include Broome on the Kimberley Coast in North Western Australia, the southern island state of and the Gold Coast in the south east of Queensland.


There are sailing events around the country during the year. From the Sydney to Hobart and the Melbourne to Hobart, to regattas around the country, there is something to interest you. See the Yachting Australia calendar: National Yachting Calendar.

Learning to Sail

There are myriads of programs available with licensed instructors around the country. Whether it is learning to sail a dinghy or a yacht, you will learn to steer, understand and experience handling sails, safety and everything related. More about Sailing.

From sailboards to luxury yachts, sailing is an extremely popular sport. Learning to sail, special events to taking a long cruise in some of the most iconic places around Australia are all on offer.

Australia World Heritage Sites

About the World Heritage Sites in Australia: World Heritage Sites of Australia.

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Main Photo: Sydney Harbour Boating - Photo: Tony Yeates

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Whitsunday Islands - Coral Trekker swing<br />Photo: Lincoln Fowler
Photo: Whitsunday Islands - Coral Trekker swing
Photo: Lincoln Fowler

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