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Sydney has its benefits - Cruising Sydney Harbour
Photo: Sydney has its benefits - Cruising Sydney Harbour

Study in Australia

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, with settlers from all over the world.

Our training institutions are amongst the best, with world class education, training and research facilities.

Studying in Sydney and Australia

Living expenses and tuition costs are much lower in Australia than in the USA or the United Kingdom, so studying here can be not only be a unique experience, but saves money as well. You could even apply for Work in Sydney after beginning your studies.

Studying here will give you a great chance to meet Australians and many others from all over the world. More than 250,000 students from over 190 different countries have already studied here.

Secondary, Tertiary and University Courses

There are numerous universities, vocational and technical tertiary education colleges and schools as well as many English language training institutions to choose from.

They offer qualifications in such varied subjects as agriculture and business, education, the sciences, engineering, I.T. and the visual and performing arts. There are thousands more, too numerous to mention here.

Visa Requirements

To obtain a student visa you will need to show that you have the financial wherewithal to pay for your course(s) and expenses while in Australia.

If you obtain work after beginning your studies, all the better. However, it can not be your only source of support. There are student visa immigration advisors and agencies that can help with your questions.

Medical Insurance

You will need to have medical insurance before applying to study here. Accident and property insurance would be your own responsibility, as would travel insurance.

With the exception of students from Norway and Sweden, you will need to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), a special health cover for international students.

Applying for Admission

Depending on the courses you wish to apply for, you may be asked to provide proof of your recorded academic proficiency and your english language skills.

There are many bridging courses available provided by various educational institutions that you can apply for if you do not have satisfactory entry level academic requirements.

Living in Australia

Life can be very enjoyable in Australia, even a bit too enjoyable if your not serious enough about your studies. That aside, living standards are high in Australia, the beaches are great, food and lifestyle just as good.

So, go on, try it. Be the talk of your friends for your sense of adventure and derring do, what?

See Australian Travel Information.

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University of NSW College of Fine Arts
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