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Australia Air Travel

See the Map: Australia Airports Map.

You are now able to fly direct to Australia’s major cities from many other major cities in the world. This was not always the case, but planes are getting bigger and faster making the journey here easier.

Flights to and from Europe normally make a stop in places like Singapore, Phuket or Kuala Lumpur, giving you a chance to stretch your legs for a while on the ground.

Flights from North America can stop in places like Hawaii, Fiji or New Zealand. Flights from South America can go via Tahiti, New Zealand or direct to Sydney. Flights from South East Asia tend to either make stop-overs in places like Singapore, or fly direct.

Flying Within Australia

Qantas, Virgin Blue and Jetstar are the larger of the air services available in the country. There are smaller regional airlines and speciality air services that provide tours or skydiving. See Flying in Australia.

Air Travel Security

The latest info on air travel security for international and domestic flights in Australia is available here TravelSECURE.

When Travelling

When flying, there may be added charges to your air fare. Read carefully the fine print, since airlines vary in their prices and limits for how much luggage or carry on baggage you have. That cheap airfare you got may not be so low as you thought.

The time you need to check in is important, as are boarding times. The airlines need a certain amount of time, not only for security purposes but everything else, down to how much fuel is needed for the flight to checking passports and flight passenger lists.

There are discount plans available such as the Qantas Pass or Virgin Australia’s holiday packages, as well as last minute sales and other promotions. They could save you money to spend on other things.


Tasmania: there are only domestic airports in Tasmania, Hobart and Launceston. Canberra in the ACT also has no international airport, you need to travel to the airport from one the other major cities first.

Travel Insurance

Certain countries have established mutual health insurance coverage with Australia, however, even then, there is online available insurance for things that are not covered. Find appropriate travel insurance cover for hospital treatment if needed, medical evacuation and particular activities you wish to participate in, including adventure sports. Take time to find out what is not covered, such as alternative accommodation costs, vehicle rental recovery, etc.

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