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Wide Angle Photo of the Melbourne Town Hall
Photo: Wide Angle Photo of the Melbourne Town Hall
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Melbourne Town Hall

The Town Hall in Melbourne was designed as a significant Melbourne Landmark from the beginning, the city celebrating its wealth and grandour of the 19th Century. Built over 135 years ago during the Gold Rush Heyday, it was seen to be a focus of the city’s culture and significant social and political events.

Dame Melba, the famed Opera Singer, made her debut here and the Beatles, many years later, met their fans here. It is also a venue for all sorts of civic events, including weddings, receptions, corporate launches, exhibitions, conferences, meetings and high society cocktail parties.

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Melbourne Australia Hotels

Melbourne Australia has luxury resort hotels to budget accommodation. In the Melbourne central business district (CDB) you can find a wide range of styles of accommotion to suit almost any budget.

Main Photo: Wide Angle Photo of the Melbourne Town Hall

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Town Hall Front Entrance
Photo: Town Hall Front Entrance

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