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Gate at the Old Gaol - Melbourne Australia
Photo: Gate at the Old Gaol - Melbourne Australia
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Old Melbourne Gaol - Melbourne Landmarks

The Old Gaol is where Ned Kelly, Australia’s most famous/infamous bush ranger, faced his last days and was hung. Living conditions here were tough but for some it was a roof over their head and regular meals.

135 were hanged here between the years 1845 and 1929 for crimes committed in Victoria - after many reported sightings the site is said to be haunted, though why a ghost would want to hang around (no pun intended) in a prison is beyond the author’s comprehension. Talk about being institutionalized.

Old Magistrate’s Court

This amazing building is made from Moorabool Sandstone. Completed in 1911, the gables, turrets and arches of Romanesque design all aspire to a sense of strength and justice. Old Magistrates’s Court and Old Melbourne Gaol.

See the Melbourne Tourist Map showing the location of the Old Gaol Map of Melbourne.

Hotels in Melbourne

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Main Photo: Gate at the Old Gaol - Melbourne Australia

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Melbourne Old Magistrate’s Court
Photo: Melbourne Old Magistrate’s Court

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