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St Kilda Road, Melbourne Australia.
Photo: St Kilda Road, Melbourne Australia.
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St Kilda Beach, Melbourne Australia

St. Kilda Beach is only a short ride on the tram from Melbourne city center, so a visit here is worthwhile for the expansive views of Port Phillip Bay. There is a delightful collection of bars, restaurants, cafés and eateries here, a chance to ride the rollercoasters at Luna Park, or weather permitting, relaxing at the beach and swimming.

Best Beach in Melbourne

Considered the best beach in Melbourne by many Melburnians you can find a wide beach, Luna Park, great for the kids in summer, numerous restaurants and places to eat. It is also easy to get to from the City Centre, there are regular trams and buses that run from early morning to late in the evening.

With its close proximity to the city of Melbourne, St. Kilda became fashionable early on in Melbourne’s history and particularly so in the early 1900s, grand mansions were built here. It began to decline in the 1950’s into a place for ladies of the night and druggies (people using recreational drugs to excess).


Today, they have been pushed out by the rising values of the real estate here, now St. Kilda attracts visitors the year round from Melbourne and places further afield. Activities and other things to do here include beach volleyball, boating, jet-skiing, kite-surfing, rollerblading, water-skiing, windsurfing and on the wide beach front, swimming and sunbaking which may not be an activity but it is certainly a thing to do (using proper sun protection).

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Getting There

You can catch trams from Bourke Street (tram 96), Collins St. (tram 112) as well as from Swanston Street (tram 16) in the city. There is also a light rail train service from the city to St. Kilda. The area is nice and flat and a great place to bicyle, with a cycle path from Albert Park to the beach front. See Greater Melbourne Map.

Melbourne Australia Accommodation

Melbourne Australia hotels include Luxury hotels to Budget Accommodation, the inner city (CBD) includes a wide range of styles to suit almost any budget.

Main Photo: St Kilda Road, Melbourne Australia.

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Luna Park, Melbourne Landmark
Photo: Luna Park, Melbourne Landmark

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