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The Melbourne Exhibition Hall in Carlton Gardens
Photo: The Melbourne Exhibition Hall in Carlton Gardens
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Melbourne Exhibition Hall - Carlton Gardens

Built after the Gold Rushes of the Mid 18th Century in Victoria, this building symbolised the growing wealth, strength and hope of the burgeoning city of Melbourne Australia. It was seen in postcards as a symbol representing Melbourne for a long time.

It was used for the first Federal Parliament meetings, it is still in use today for exhibitions showing the world’s latest in everything from cars to musical instruments, as well as galas and other important city events, you can book a tour.

Much of the Gardens that surrounded the building is still intact. It is a large building, in fact it was the largest building in Australia for many years and hosted two World Fairs, the Melbourne International Exhibition in 1880 and the even bigger Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition in 1888.

Showcasing world class products from all over the world as well as scientific discoveries and achievements, it attracted well over 1 million visitors for each show.

Map of the City

See the Exhibition Hall, the Melbourne Museum and other Melbourne Places to Visit on the City Center Map Map of Melbourne - Victoria Tourist Guide - History of the Exhibition Hall Museum of Victoria.

Getting to the Exhibition Hall - Take northbound trams in the city, number 96 or 86 from Bourke Street in the Melbourne city CBD to stop 12.

Melbourne City Accommodation

You can find accommodation throughout Melbourne Australia: luxury hotels to budget priced motels, including in the CBD. Accommodation available in the city includes a wide range of styles to suit almost any budget.

There are even Melbourne resorts, hotels in the city centre, bed & breakfasts near the beach or in the suburbs, serviced apartments and numerous holiday homes.

Main Photo: The Melbourne Exhibition Hall in Carlton Gardens

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Melbourne Exhibitions are still held here
Photo: Melbourne Exhibitions are still held here

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