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Tasmania Map

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Tasmania Australia

Originally established as a penal convict settlement for prisoners that had committed further infractions after arrival in the new Sydney penal settlement. Much of this early convict history can still be seen around the state.

The name of Tasmania comes from from Abel Tasman, having charted the island in 1642. The original name was Van Diemen’s Land.

Abel Tasman found Tasmania stunning in its varied beauty. Visitors today to the island state still find it so it today, much of its rugged beauty has been preserved.

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Eco Tourism Paradise

There is an ongoing battle between those who wish to preserve this natural beauty and those wanting employment and ongoing economic progress.

Can Tasmania make the jump from a place where development has been a primary goal of successive state governments, to a self sustaining eco-paradise for Tasmanians, Australians and visitors from around the world? We ( the staff at ) think it can.

We wish Tasmanians all the best while considering its future. There is a balance between these two tensions. - Ed.

Tasmania Accommodation

Accommodation in Tasmania includes hotels, hostels, budget motels as well as serviced apartments, studios and Bed and Breakfasts. There are also ski resorts, family resorts and wilderness lodges.

Main Photo: Tasmania - Click Region to Zoom or see the Hobart Map

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