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Map New South Wales Australia

Maps of NSW, including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Snowy Mountains and the Northern Rivers NSW.

State Maps of NSW

NSW Regions and Places of Interest

Blue Mountains Map

It was many years before a route across the Blue Mountains was discovered by the early European settlers. It is a lot easier nowadays. See the Map of the Blue Mountains:

Blue Mountains Map

Greater Sydney Map

Map of Greater Sydney Surrounds showing Sydney Eastern beaches to the Blue Mountains, the airport, Sydney Northern Suburbs to the Sydney Southern Beaches, Campbelltown and Picton:

Map of Greater Sydney

NSW Central Coast

Just north of Sydney yet beautiful, the NSW Central Coast:

Central Coast Map, NSW

The Hunter Valley Map

One of the great wine growing regions of Australia, the Hunter Valley. Great for those exploring the Australia Food and Wine Trail:

Hunter Valley Map NSW

Maps of the North Coast

Those travelling North to Brisbane or from Queensland south to Sydney, would find the North Coast a great place to stay a while. Explore its long beaches, thick native forests and stunning National Parks. You&rsqou;ll find some very beautiful NSW coastal resort towns, for relaxation, fun in the sun, fishing, diving, whale and dolphin spotting and more:

Northern Rivers

The Northern Rivers of New South Wales form the North East coast corner of the state. Another popular stopoff point, like the North Coast for those travelling the Sydney to Brisbane route.

Northern Rivers Map, NSW

Snowy Mountains Region

The Snowies as they are popularily called, the Snowy Mountains are known for their snow, ski-ing and winter sports in winter, yet scenic the year round as part of the Australia Alpine Regions:

Snowy Mountains Map NSW

South Coast NSW - South from Sydney

The South Coast NSW is not as popular as the North Coast, making it a great getaway from Sydney. This map show the South Coast from Illawarra to the Victoria border and the Snowy Mountains:

South Coast Map NSW

NSW Touring Map

New South Wales covers an area with terrain varying from desert to snow capped mountains, vast plains and beautiful coastline. If you get the chance to tour the South East of Australia, try to stop at some of the wonderful National Parks along the way. The major routes from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne to Canberra to Sydney and Adelaide to Brisbane in Queensland are shown.

NSW Touring Map

Regions of New South Wales

Exploring the tourism regions of NSW:

New South Wales - Sydney Getaways

Map of Australia

These maps show the continent of Australia and Tasmania, States and Regions:

New South Wales Accommodation

New South Wales Accommodation - Sydney City and Beach Hotels.


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