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Click to see more about the Queensland Outback

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Explorers of the Queensland Outback have found rich mineral deposits, energy resources and vast areas for agricultural production. Gold was found here in the late 19th Century, the area boomed with those seeking their fortune.

See more about the Queensland Outback.

Barcaldine Queensland

Barcaldine was the place where the Australian Labor Party was born in 1891, when a thousand shearers stopped work during the Great Shearer’s Strike.

Now considered Garden City of the West, due to its access of the plentiful waters of the Great Artesian Basin. The streets of Barcaldine have been named after trees.

Barcaldine has retained a sense of history. The Australian Workers Heritage Centre, dedicated to the many workers of Australia, has numerous displays and exhibits about the Shearer’s Strike, the contribution workers made to Australia and the formation of the Australian Labor Party.

Visitor Information

Barcaldine Tourist Information Centre: Corner of Beech & Oak Streets, Phone +061 7 4651 1724.

The Outback

See more about the Queensland Outback.


Located on the Thompson River, Longreach has the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and the Outback Heritage Centre: About the early explorers of the Queensland Outback, the stockmen and the traditional owners of the land, Aborigines.

Another notable Longreach attraction is the Qantas Founders Heritage Museum. They have a restored 1922 hangar with displays and exhibits relating to the early days of the second oldest airline in the world.


Winton, to the west of Barcaldine is home to the Australian inspirational song known virtually all over the world as ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and the birthplace of Qantas, Australia’s National Airline.

For more information, contact the Waltzing Matilda Centre Visitor Information Centre: located on 50 Elderslie Street in Winton. Phone +61 7 4657 1466.

Exploring Queensland

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About jobs, work and employment in Australia: Work in Australia - Jobs.

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To the West, see about the Northern Territory.

Hotels and other Accommodation

Queensland accommodation includes hotels, motels, luxury resorts, caravan parks, camping, bed and breakfasts and farm stays.

For Hotels and other accommodation, see Hotels in Australia.

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