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Melbourne West

Melbourne CBD Centre Attractions - Click to Zoom Out ©
Melbourne CBD Centre Attractions - Click to Zoom Out ©

Melbourne Center, NE
Sydney Shopping District

Map of Melbourne Attractions in the CBD

Melbourne is known for its café and restaurant culture, people from all over the world have settled here and brought their best ideas and recipes with them. Click map to Zoom Out.

Museums and Attractions

ANZ Gothic Building

ANZ Gothic Building: This building, comprised of two earlier buildings is built in the Gothic Revival. On the corner is the former English, Scottish and Australian (ES&A) Bank, while the even more gothic decorated building is the former Melbourne Stock Exchange. The interior rivals that of many Gothic churches found in Europe.

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Hellenic Museum

Hellenic Museum: The many Greek immigrants to Australia have made a lasting impression on our culture and of the world. At the Museum there are permanent collections of statues and vases from Classical Greece as well as exhibits including art, artefacts and literature telling the stories of the Greek immigrants to Australia and world class travelling exhibitions from Greece. Hellenic Museum.

Koorie Heritage Trust

Koorie Heritage Trust: In the city the best place to learn about Aboriginal Culture and Heritage. A permanent collection is on display of artefacts, pictures and photographs of Koorie art and culture, as well as events and exhibitions of artworks by emerging and established artists. They also offer tours of Melbourne from an Aboriginal perspective, learn from the people that have lived in Australia for many thousands of years. Koorie Heritage Trust.

Places to Go

Flagstaff Gardens

Flagstaff Gardens: The gardens, located to the NW of the Melbourne city centre includes the Pioneers’ Memorial, dedicated to the early pioneers that settled in the region and the Separation Monument. Flagstaff Gardens.

Melbourne Town Hall

Melbourne Town Hall: Having played a key part of Victoria’s history, this building, commenced in 1840 and completed only in 1854 due to the lack of suitable workers (Most had run off the the newly discovered Victorian Gold Fields). This building proved unsuitable, a newer building was completed on the site in 1870. Today, still used as the town hall, it is also host to the entertainment of theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions. Melbourne Town Hall.

State Library of Victoria

State Library of Victoria: With a collection of over two million books and a growing library of digital photos and archives. State Library of Victoria.


Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre: located above Central Train Station. Besides being a great place to shop, it is home to a Melbourne landmark, enclosing the historical Shot Tower with a massive glass cone. Melbourne Central Shopping.

Melbourne GPO

Melbourne General Post Office: At the historical Melbourne GPO, there are select eateries and boutique shops offering the latest in fashion. Melbourne GPO.


Train Stations at Flagstaff and Melbourne Central

Train Stations at Melbourne Central and Flagstaff: See the Train Stations Map.


The easiest way to get around the city centre, as well as the suburbs, include trams that traverse the streets on a frequent basis. Melbourne Australia Trams.

Coach Services

Southern Cross Coach Terminal / Spencer St.

Melbourne City Centre

The suburb of the Melbourne Docklands has been undergoing extensive redevelopment since the beginning 21st century and is still being undertaken, although much of it has been done. It has retained and incorporated a number of historical sites.

Museums and Attractions of Victoria

Museums: Museums in Victoria and Attractions: Attractions in Victoria.

Other Places to Visit

Victoria being a compact state, other worthwhile places to visit include:

Main Photo: Melbourne CBD Centre Attractions - Click to Zoom Out ©

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