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Couple Enjoying the Beach at Esperance
Photo: Couple Enjoying the Beach at Esperance

South Coast of Western Australia - Tourist Information

Springtime brings a wildflower floral display to this region of Western Australia that is more abundant here than in any other part of the continent. Between Esperance and Albany, there is the Fitzgerald National Park, with white sand beaches, mountains and rugged coastline.

Esperance WA

Esperance in WA can certainly lay claim to some ot the most beautiful beaches found in Australia. Offshore lies the Recherche Archipelago, a collection of over 150 islands. Woody Island, although part of a wildlife sanctuary, can be visited and has camping available.

Esperance was originally established by the Europeans in 1863, although they had been visiting and known about this region since 1627. In the town, there are two notable attractions, the Esperance Municipal Museum and the Museum Village.

East of Esperance is the Cape Le Grand National Park. Grand coastal scenery, long white sandy undisturbed beaches and native wildlife including Honey Possums, Bandicoots and Australian Sea Lions. Offshore, whales can sometimes be spotted during their migrations.

Further west is the City of Albany. Thousands of migrants came to Australia through the port here during the Gold Rush Years and subsequentlly - See more about Albany WA.

Cape Arid National Park

There are also beautiful beaches here, backed by sweeping heathlands, filled with banksia woodlands and other native flora. Bird conservation is one of the main reason for Cape Arid National Park, there are a number of species here found nowhere else in the world. There are over 150 known species here.

Wave Park

Towering some 15 metres above the landscape is Wave Rock, near Hyden. Formed over 2700 million years, this solid rock has been worn away by the winds and weather to shape into a skateboarders dream wave (although skating is not allowed, sorry guys).


This town was founded on a goldfield. A horse named Norseman pawed the ground there in 1894, revealing gold! In fact, he uncovered one of the largest gold reefs in the world.

He now has a statue in the centre of town - who knows, maybe a movie and a book will come out as well. But then, if my horse found gold I would build him a statue too. And a big barn with nice hay.

You can try your hand at fossicking for gold yourself - a visit to the Norseman Historical and Geological Museum will probably you some insight if you know what to look for. Mining still occurs here, including for Opal and Agate. Visit the Tourist Information Centre at Norseman for a license and further info.

On Highway 1, the Highway that circles Australia, Norseman leads to the Nullarbor Plain and the eastern states. The border to South Australia is more than 730 kms to the east, with Perth 726 km west.

Fitzgerald River National Park

Fitzgerald River National Park is a World Biosphere Reserve. Here there are numerous endangered animals, protected by law, including ground parrots and heath rats. Almost 2000 species of wildflowers grow here, with vivid colourful displays during Spring.

At Ravensthorpe, there is the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show held every spring with hundreds of local flowers on display. It is also the centre of the sheep and wheat industries found in this region.

At the southern tip of the Fitzgerald River National Park, Bremer Bay has great surfing and excellent chances for diving. There is also exceptional fishing to be had here.

South WA Tours

The coastline is gorgeous in this region, take time to explore when here.

There is a great Top End wilderness cruise on Kimberley Coast complete with helicopter, taking 14 days, for those with the funds.

Accommodation on the South Coast of Western Australia

This part of the world gets popular with visitors during school holidays. Hire a bungalow or stay at a luxury homestead. There are also luxury resorts, hotels and inns, as well as holiday apartments. Caravan Parks parks are also available and there are usually camping facilities in the many National Parks.

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Perth Australia

See more about Perth Australia.

The South West WA

South of Perth, the South West region of WA is great to visit any time of year, with delicious cuisine, wonderful beaches, rugged coastline, towering forests and whale watching delights.

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Western Australia Hotels and Accommodation

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Wave Rock WA
Photo: Wave Rock WA

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