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Map of South East Western Australia - Click to Zoom Out
Map of South East Western Australia - Click to Zoom Out

South Australia Map SA


South East WA Map

South of Highway One, or Eyre Highway as this section is called, there is the Nuytsland Nature Reserve, a haven for birdlife. There are well over 200 hundred different species to be found here.

The Cocklebiddy Limestone Caves are sinkholes in the natural limestone, filled with water from underground river systems.

There are vast distances that separate many of the towns and places in this region. Always seek reliable local advice before travelling in these areas, take adequate supplies of petrol, food and water. Also, permits are needed before entering Aboriginal Lands.

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South East Western Australia

  • Nuytsland Nature Reserve
  • Dundas Nature Reserve
  • Eucla
  • Madura
  • Mundrabilla
  • Cocklebiddy
  • Caiguna
  • Balladonia
  • Israelite Bay
  • Nullarbor Plain

East Central Australia

  • Neils Junction National Reserve
  • Yeo Lake National Reserve
  • Great Victoria Desert
  • Laverton
  • Lake Wells
  • Lake Curry
  • Lake Rebecca
  • Queen Victoria Springs NR

Central Western Australia

  • Carnarvon
  • Barrier Island
  • Gibson Desert
  • Geraldton
  • Great Victoria Desert
  • Mount Magnet

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Main Photo: Map of South East Western Australia - Click to Zoom Out

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