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Central East Western Australia Map - Click to Zoom Out
Central East Western Australia Map - Click to Zoom Out

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South East WA Map

Central East WA Map

The population in this region is sparse, the land flat. The conditions are extremely dry with little fresh water to be found, Highway 1, or the Eyre Highway as it is called in this section, will take you to South Australia.

Nullarbor Plain and the Goldfields

At the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Visitors Centre there is gold jewellery and nuggets mined in the region on display, while exhibitions tell of the gold rush days and the geology of the surrounding area.

The Nullarbor Plain covers the south east of Western Australia. The name was derived from the Latin words, Nulla and Arbor, meaning no trees.

There are vast distances that separate most of the towns in this region. Always seek reliable local advice before travelling in these areas, take adequate supplies of petrol, food and water. Also, permits are needed before entering Aboriginal Lands.

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Central Australia

  • Rudall River National Park
  • Gibson Desert Nature Reserve
  • Bililuna
  • Balgo
  • Giles Meteorological Station
  • Warakurna
  • Surveyors General Corner
  • Telfer
  • Lake Mackay
  • Lake Dissapointment

Western Australia Attractions

Mid North W. Australia

  • Marble Bar
  • Nullagine
  • Auski Roadhouse
  • Roy Hill
  • Newman
  • Capricorn Roadhouse
  • Collier Range National Park
  • Rudall River NP
  • Edgar Ranges
  • Lake Dissapointment
  • Lake Waukarlearly
  • Gibson Desert National Reserve
  • Great Sandy Desert
  • Little Sandy Desert
  • Lake Auld
  • Port Hedland
  • Great Sandy Desert
  • Barrow Island
  • Nanutarra Roadhouse
  • Newman
  • Gibson Desert

West Central WA

  • Carnarvon
  • Barrier Island
  • Gibson Desert
  • Geraldton
  • Great Victoria Desert
  • Mount Magnet

Western Australia Hotels

Main Photo: Central East Western Australia Map - Click to Zoom Out

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